Finally a new business model for the Internet

Here is how to monetize online content

"The Freecoin system" interconnects SITES, USERS and ADVERTISERS in a new way.

The result: Obvious benefits for all. Here is HOW it works: Animation » | Chart »

For you - the website - the important part is that the system generates income. Here is WHY it works »


Get your button and start now

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You only need to place one or more Freecoin-buttons on your pages. They occupy very little space and you risk nothing. The revenue is automatically transfered to your bank account monthly.

We offer three types of buttons. You may use them separately or together.

Your participation is important!

The Freecoin System needs participants to grow strong and generate money - for you. It will take some time to recruit websites and advertisers.

During the first period the system will mostly show ads that explain the benefits of the system and how it works. Gradually revenue will start ticking in. Read more about the startup phase » (opens in new window)

The Freecoin system was launched in Norway in March 2017, more countries will come.

Help us to help you

Help us spread the good news. This is a sensible, non-noisy, non-intrusive, ethical and highly profitable alternative to Google and Facebook.

The Freecoin System is different: It was created to support the media, ensure free access to information, enhance diversity, support democracy and cultural expressions - and the society as a whole. So - join the movement - act now!

Why should advertisers participate?

Todays advertising is complicated and very inefficient. The Freecoin System offers a better way. Take a look at these two animations: The problem »| Our solution »

You are a website ... but are you an advertiser too? Check it out at

What is that? For you it's Euro. 1 Freecoin = 1 Euro. Euros is what you get paid.
For the user a Freecoin is - a Freecoin. The user gets them from advertisers and may spend them on "Buttonsites", like yours. A Freecoin is for them a carrier of value, like a coupon. Users get them for free and spend them easily. There is more where they come from.

No fraud, no risk

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